Transferring to a car provides you with the independence and freedom to go places on your own, when you want to. It provides you with options to what type of vehicle you will need to have access to. You may not need a van with an automatic ramp, a car with just hand controls will be significantly more affordable.

The following videos hopefully will enable you to learn more about people in chairs access vehicles.

Male transfer to car using sliding board
Transfer in and out usiing boord with cutouts.
Board Transfer to truck
C5/6 Male transfer to car
Female car transfer
Transfer in and out of car by C5 male
Car Transfer by T1/3 female with folding chair
Transfer using Speedy Lift & XL Seat
Male transfer to sports car
Quad transfer in van to drivers seat
Transfer to Van
Transfer to car with robotic arm to lift chair
Transfer to car with swivel seat