Pressure sores are skin and tissue damage. They are caused by sitting or lying too long on one part of the body. They can also be caused by pressure combined with shear . Shear is when the skin moves one way and the tissue underneath moves the opposite way. This can happen when you slide down in bed or transfer your weight from one surface to another.

I have had two pressures sores. One on my coccyx (obtained in IC) that was very severe and took months to heal. It confined me to 22 hour a day bedrest which limited by rehab, wheelchair choice and could have been fatal as the infection also affected my heart rate. The other one also took months to heal on my ankle. Simply wearing new shoes caused this one to develop even though the shoes were substantially larger and wider. A seam on the inside I believe was aggravating issue.

The deeper the sore is, the harder it is to treat. That’s why it is so important to try to prevent them. You, and those who help with your care, should always watch for signs of pressure sores. Get them treated right away.

Cause and Prevention are discussed in the video above and below.

– Printable guide (pdf) by Reeve Foundation — Reeve SkinCare Booklet

– Printable guide (pdf) by SCI Ontario – Pressure-Ulcer-Guide