4INSPIRATION.ca is dedicated to providing inspirational and motivational stories about individuals who have overcome tragedies such as spinal cord injury, amputation, and cancer as well as resources to help you overcome your disability. We hope that our stories can help you move forward to living as full a life that you can imagine.

As a cancer survivor and a T6 spinal injury paraplegic I can attest to the fact that moving forward will be difficult but with the love and support of family, friends, health care professionals and motivation from your peers it can be accomplished.

Some of the individuals I have met have turned to alcohol for reasons of their own. Stories about people with Alcohol Use Addiction to provide hope that their struggles can be resolved. We have also been requested to add stories of hope for people with Multiple Sclerosis. Additional resources on the accessible home, nutrition for SCI individuals as well as 100's of recipes for all have been added. Also check out the over 100 wheelchair skills videos.

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Alcohol Addiction


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