These videos were converted from the Dalhousie University Wheelchair Skills Program.

New videos as well as powerchair usage may be viewed on their YouTube channel


The wheelchair skills described and illustrated on this website can be dangerous and result in severe injury if attempted without the assistance of trained personnel.


Rolling on a Level Surface

Rolling forwards, using two-handed propulsion, on a smooth level surface.
Rolling forwards, using a one-arm-alternating technique
Rolling forward 10m with a one-arm-alternating technique.

Turns and Maneuvering

Performing 180° turns to the left and right inside a 1.5m-diameter circle.
Making turns around a 90° corner, forwards and backwards, to the left and right.
Performing moving turns by swinging the arms and upper body, without touching the wheels.
Using the environment to turn around a corner (“drag” turn)
Using the environment to turn away from an object (“push-off” turn) while moving forwards.
Using the environment to turn away from an object (“push-off” turn) while moving backwards.
Moving sideways to the left, by a series of forward and backward movements.
Moving sideways using the “bunny hop” technique.
Maneuvering wheelchair to pick up an object from one side
Moving pick-up by holding the object against the wheel.
Maneuvering the wheelchair to reach a high object from the side
Standing on the floor with the footrests in place to reach a high object straight ahead. Acceptable, but not recommended