Peer Mentor Programs connects people living with a traumatic injury such as a spinal cord injury to fully-trained volunteers who can share their experience and knowledge. They complement professional services provided in acute hospitals, rehabilitation centres and community based health and social service agencies.

For a person with a new injury, thinking about the challenges of the future can be daunting. But, nobody should have to contemplate these life changes in isolation. By listening, sharing their own experiences and providing practical information, volunteers provide one-to-one support.

My Peer Mentors

ivan rendulic I was very fortunate and incredibly grateful to have Ivan Rendulic and Leslie Lam as mentors. Ivan was my first mentor and came to visit me in the hospital while I was in intensive care. I still remember this visit today. Ivan was happy, bubbly, outgoing and positive. He gave me an outlook on life to strive for and I believe I have come close to accomplishing it. Ivan was also there during my rehab and was so supportive that it provided me with the strength I needed to move forward.

My other Peer Mentor is Leslie Lam. Once assigned he visited me as soon as he could and coordinated in with a delivery he was making at Lyndhurst. He arrived with his push cart that he had used to make a delivery. Leslie discussed his background as a pharmacist as well as a retailer of medical supplies. He answered all my questions with insight and thoughtfulness. Wow I thought running two businesses, mentoring and doing everything for himself. This was a goal to strive for. Please watch Leslie`s video on why he is a mentor.

The following is a good video of the interaction between a reluctant peer and is mentor.