Addison’s story is one of incredible courage and determination in the face of unimaginable adversity. Addison’s journey through cancer was harrowing, filled with countless obstacles and setbacks. It began on an ordinary summer day when she discovered a painless lump in her right breast. What initially seemed like a benign discovery soon led to a devastating diagnosis of Angiosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Despite the enormity of the challenge ahead, Addison never wavered in her determination to fight back against the disease. She began chemotherapy treatment at SickKids immediately, awaiting surgery to remove the tumour in her chest. The surgery, which occurred just weeks later, was successful but resulted in removing her breast, pectoral muscles, and 37 lymph nodes. Unfortunately, further tests revealed that 14 of the removed lymph nodes were cancerous.

Addison’s journey was far from over. In the new year, she resumed chemotherapy for six months while simultaneously undergoing intensive radiation for seven weeks to ensure her scans remained clear. However, unexpected allergic reactions and the regrowth of her tumour resulted in additional treatments and hospital stays. Through it all, Addison remained remarkably strong, her optimism and resilience serving as a source of inspiration to all those around her.
Despite the devastating diagnosis, Addison never lost her positive energy, great sense of humour, and a huge heart. She remained focused on the small things that brought her joy, like playing basketball, cuddling her dog Nova, and creating TikToks with her sister Alyssa and friends. Even as her illness progressed, she never gave up on life or on fighting to beat this disease. Her family and friends would come to call her inspiring personality “Addy-tude”!

But tragically, on July 10th, 2022, just two days after her 14th birthday, Addison’s journey came to a heartbreaking end. Her passing left a gaping hole in the hearts of those who loved her that can never be filled. Likewise, the loss of Addison has left a profound impact on her family and community, which cannot be easily expressed in words. Their grief and pain are unimaginable, yet they have channelled that pain into something powerful and positive: a commitment to continue Addison’s fight against Sarcoma cancer.

Every donation made in Addison’s name is not just a contribution but a tribute to her incredible spirit and a commitment to a future where no family has to endure the same heartbreak that hers did. The pain and devastation that Addison’s family has experienced are immeasurable, but they have refused to let it defeat them. Their unwavering dedication to raising awareness and funds for Sarcoma cancer research in support of SickKids Hospital is a testament to their incredible love and bond with Addison. Though they cannot bring her back, they can work towards a world where no one has to suffer the same heartache. Every dollar raised brings them one step closer to that goal, and they are grateful for every contribution, big and small. Their commitment to Addison’s legacy is unshakeable, and they are determined to keep her memory alive and to inspire others to join in the fight against this terrible disease.

To read more about Addison’s journey, from the moments of hope to the darkest days, visit the Caring Bridge site. Her story is one of incredible courage and resilience and deserves to be shared with the world.

Jessica Hill

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