Cambry Kaylor was a promising equestrian vaulter with dreams of competing internationally. At age 18 she suffered an accident while vaulting, leaving her paralyzed.

“The first week of physical therapy. We were working on my balance. I thought to myself, ‘Just last week, I was balancing a handstand on the back of a moving horse, and here I am and I can’t even sit up on my own. Who am I? I’m not Cambry Kaylor. I’m a crippled version of what I used to be.”

Sometimes Cambry is asked if she dreams of going back to that fateful day and preventing the accident that paralyzed her. Hear her answer and how it has changed over time in this Hope Works presentation about our plans, God’s plans, and what we can do when they seem to conflict.

Not a Wheelchair

Cambry met Zack Nelson online and shortly there after married him. Zack being the innovative person he is as he has a very successful Jerryrigeverthing channel on Youtube developed the Not a wheelchair with Cambry. On his channel you can see them travel around with it as well as install an elevator in their home and more.

not a wheelchair -- the rig