TV Journalist and News Anchor tells her story and an act of grace that she is still alive. She describes how she felt when she drank. A Golden life on the outside but describes how the cycle of the addiction made her loose sight of everything including her two children. Her anxiety from a very young age made her insecure.

This video includes footage of how bad things were. Demoted at work. Her husband plays a role in her identifying her problem. He starts to pull away while she drinks hidden wine in her bathroom. Her vacations turn to binges. Denial continues and on-air interviews become unusable.

Rescued by a stranger in a park and a subsequent blackout with a lethal .4 blood reading she subsequent begins another rehab period. This period only lasts 6 months and then again and again. In the end her husband requests a divorce unable to help her. A subsequent vacation and her child’s birthday again causes to drink. A recording the next day she can’t say the words.

Her children beg her to stop and she finally reaches out for help. Given another chance at work and the job she loved. She apologizes to all she hurt; family, co-workers and what she has learned.

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