This is the story of Wes Varda who survived a brain stem stroke at the age of 31. After surviving a brain stem stroke on December 11, 2008, he has spent the last ten months focusing on regaining his independence and rebuilding my life. The stroke affected his motor skills and left him unable to communicate or move. He was only able to blink his eyes to communicate but fully aware of his environment and condition. Wes was read his last rites and doctors told his family that if he survived the first night that there was a high probability that he might spend the rest of his life on a ventilator and locked in.

This is a medical term used to describe a condition that many brain stem stroke survivors are left with. With determination and hard work, Wes has learned to walk and talk all over again. Less than a year later, Wes is training for a half marathon on Thanksgiving Day to raise money for the hospital that helped him recover. He has been blessed with a positive stroke recovery and is an inspiration.

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