How a young teenager who was forced to give up soccer because its somewhat a contact sport to running. This story includes some discussions with her parents and very supportive high school track coach. Kayla enjoys running because she feel that she is battling herself and the decease when she is competing in track. This truly is a story about a girl with incredible strength, fortitude and determination. Watch to the end you will not be disappointed.

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One year after her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis at the young age of 15, Kayla Montgomery — a member of the Mount Tabor High School Cross Country team — was afraid, angry, and bitter. Far from the peak of health when she was diagnosed, she lived in denial of her illness until she realized that this was doing more harm than good.

Then Kayla found a way to use the negativity that almost consumed her to help her understand and appreciate the positive things in her life that she could control. Her health improved. Her grades improved. And yes, her running improved. Kayla went undefeated in her senior year of cross country, earned three state titles, and now runs at the NCAA Division 1 level for Lipscomb University, where she helped her team win their fourth consecutive cross country conference title.

Kayla Montgomery was an avid soccer player as a child, but at the age of fifteen was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, commonly called MS. In spite of the condition, Kayla continued to run competitively for her high school’s cross country team. Initially she was an average runner that showed little promise, but with perseverance and dedication, Montgomery was able to become one of the best distance runners in North Carolina state history, winning three state titles and the 2013 North Carolina Gatorade runner of the year following an undefeated cross country season during her senior year.

Kayla Montgomery’s success as an athlete battling Multiple Sclerosis has gained her national attention allowing her to build a platform to help raise awareness for MS. She has been featured on the Today Show, the New York Times, and ESPN E:60 among others.

Kayla’s Motivational TEDx speech

How she learned to move from denial to acceptance and determination to beat the negativity of her situation.

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